Anastasia Nesterova - Tailbone Length Hair Play in The Room

In this video, you will see a lot of different types of long hair display, hair play and a lot of hairbrushing, braiding In the room.

Resolution: 1920x1080-FHD
Video length: 20 min
Video editing date: 29 Jun 2017

Background music:
▪ Jazz Connection - Passing Dolphins (Cool sax mix)
▪ El Instante En El Mar [Sparkling Wave Cut] - Vladi Strecker
▪ 10 - Adriatic Grooves - Underwater Cosmos (Deep Down Mix)
▪ Retro Rider - Sultan Sleeps (Wake Up Mix)
▪ Orange Music - Islandlover (Monotonic Trip Mix) [feat. Mirjam]
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