sLogin - Plugin that allows premium players to join the server without login.

Hello my name is Soziks and im selling a plugin that allows premium players join a offline mode server without login and cracked players (Players that dont have paid for minecraft) need to register and login.

This plugin is for bungeecord and requires MySQL to work because it stores all player's information there.

This plugin doesn't need any type of dependency, only thing you need to make it work its put it inside your bungeecord plugins folder and configure everything you need.

How to work with the plugin?

  • 1º - Drop the plugin inside your bungeecord plugins folder

  • 2º - Startup the bungeecord, it will give you an error on start, its normal.

  • 3º - Close your bungeecord server

  • 4º - Open the plugin config inside your bungeecord plugins folder

  • 5º - Put your MySQL informations there

  • 6º - If you want you can change any message of the plugin!

  • 7º - Start your bungeecord server and its all done!

Some prints about the plugin


  • Register (Only non premium players can use this command)

  • Login (Only non premium players can use this command)

  • changepassword (Only players with permission "sLogin.changepass")

Not forgeting that you can modify ALL messages from the plugin in the Config.yml all the help you need while configuring the server is there in the Config.yml each message has a text explaining what each message is.
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