Sony to Canon LUT Package

Color & Post Sony to Canon LUTs are created to emulate Canon C100/300 color science on Sony cameras. It will help camera operators, editors and colorists to match two cameras in multicam shooting scenario. It will also allow to achieve better color response on Sony cameras and bring it closer to Canon cinema series, which is well known for it’s rich colors and pleasing skin tones.

These LUTs are made for Slog2 and Slog3 gammas with S-Gamut3.cine color space.
Inside the archive you will find following LUTs:
Slog 2 to Canon 709 - will transform your Slog2 footage into REC709 color space;
Slog 2 to Canon 709LC -  has slightly lower contrast & saturation;
Slog 3 to Canon 709 - will transform your Slog3 footage into REC709 color space;
Slog 3 to Canon 709LC - has slightly lower contrast & saturation;
No curve to REC709 Sat - this LUT is gamma independent. It means that it only transforms color & saturation without affecting contrast. You can use this LUT in combination with contrast slider or curve.
There are also -1,-2 versions of each LUT. This stands for exposure compensation. If you work with overexposed material try to use -1 version of the LUT which lowers exposure by 1EV.

Supported Cameras:
Color & Post LUTs are made for S-Gamut3.cine color gamut and tested with Sony A7SII, A6300 & A6500.  Technically they should work with any Sony camera that has S-Gamut3.cine setting but it was not tested and there is no guarantee.

If you are FS5, FS7 owner and want to test these LUTs with your footage, send us an email.

Simply apply a LUT corresponding to your input color gamma. If you want to make exposure adjustments or save information in shadows/highlights, make your corrections before the LUT.
All other corrections including creative LUTs or plugins such as Film Convert should go after LUT.
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