ANTALYA Lightroom Preset Pack

This Lightroom Preset Pack includes 9 Presets - 7 Color Presets and 2 Monochrome - to use on your images.
The presets run from very flat and desaturated to warm and vibrant, so there is a good chance to always find one fitting your needs. I created them for my travel photos from Turkey, so the work pretty good with all warm and bright shooting conditions, and they will give your images a bit of a rough street look, as this is what I personally like.
Just make sure you tweak them a little bit to fit your needs perfectly.
 - Basic
 - Faded 1
 - Faded 2
 - Heat 1
 - Heat 2
 - Monochrome 1
 - Monochrome 2
 - Vibrant 1
 - Vibrant 2

Thank you a lot for supporting my work!
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