IT 205 Week 5 Exercise - Tool Wire Smart Scenario Ethics of Moni


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In this scenario, you are an intern with MegaCo, an organization exploring network usage policies. You have the opportunity to evaluate the policies on behalf of MegaCo and to consider its social, political, and ethical issues. Each policy is implemented for 1 day. At the end, you fill out a survey and feedback form. Once you experience all policies, you must provide feedback on which policy you recommend and why you liked it.

Access the Toolwire® lab using the following instructions:

• Log in to the student website.
• Click Week 5, then click the link to the Toolwire lab. A new window will open.
• Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Lab Access.

Complete the Toolwire® lab.

Click Save Assessment on the final page of the lab. This saves a Microsoft® Word file on your computer.

Include a signed copy of the Certificate of Originality
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