BSHS 305 Week 2 Mental Health Worksheet

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 BSHS 305 Week 2 Mental Health Worksheet

Complete the Mental Health Worksheet.

Format any citations in your worksheet according to APA guidelines.

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Mental Health Worksheet


Watch the Films on Demand video, “Wounded Platoon,” located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.


Write at least 175-word responses to each of the following instructions. Your responses must be in complete sentences and use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.





















Describe in detail the types of mental health problems experienced by those who serve in the military, as illustrated in the video.





















What kinds of services are needed to address the mental health and other human services needs of our military? For each service you identify, indicate whether it best fits the medical, public health, or human services model, as described in Ch. 4 of the text.
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