IT 200 Week 4 participation Supporting Activity Gender in Social Media

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IT 200 Week 4 participation Supporting Activity: Gender in Social Media
Find a current article on social media that discusses different gender balance on different social networking sites.

Answer the following question:

Based on your experience, do you agree or disagree with what the data is showing?
How about Gender in Social Media?



Some authors noted that the gender gap was more evident at the early days of Social media; however now days, the newer generations are more "natural at it" so the gender gap will not exist in few more years in my opinion.


I think this, because the novelty of the WEB and Social networking is fading away, and it will be just another way of communication between humans, until telepathy comes into society in the future.


Meantime, what are your thoughts of the Gender issue in social media?


Do you have another perspective here?

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