Sunday Dub

Sunday Dub

102 bpm

Guitar, Drums, Bass, Organ

This was written for a sneaky-yet-cool scene. The kind where our main character is trailing a subject to find out where they get the amazing cheese they serve at their restaurant. There's a bunch of bits where the paranoid restauranteur turns around unexpectedly and Private Detective Alice Winterbottom has to duck behind dumpsters, or spin around casually pretending to be on a phone call, or hide behind a watermelon at the fruit stand.

This download includes the following tracks:

Sunday Dub - Bass.wav

Sunday Dub - Drums.wav

Sunday Dub - Guitar 1.wav

Sunday Dub - Guitar 2.wav

Sunday Dub - Organ.wav

Sunday Dub.wav

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0.pdf

ISRC: USUAN1700031
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