BIS 375 Week 5 Final Examination

Week 5: Individual Final Examination

Resources: Cases in Electronic Commerce; E-Business: Organizational and Technical Foundations; Electronic Commerce 2006: A Managerial Perspective
Prepare for the Final Examination.

Week 5: Learning Team E-Business Security and Risk Management Proposal

Resources: Learning Team assignments from Weeks Two, Three, and Four Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word proposal that addresses the following:
• Formulate security measures for protection of the intellectual property aspect of e-business that should be in place for organizations in this industry.
• Develop an e-business risk management plan for an organization in this industry and explain the key aspects of e-business risk management.
• Identify three performance-monitoring tools for e-business supply chains, and compare and contrast each tool to determine which ones would be best for organizations in this industry.
Create a one-page executive summary to present to the CEO based on your paper. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Resources: E-Business Security and Risk Management Proposal and Executive SummaryCreate a 10- to 15-minute presentation of your executive summary with 10- to 15-slides in Microsoft® PowerPoint® to illustrate your paper.

Discussion Questions:

How might a company's position in the supply chain affect its business role? Is there such a thing as a company that strictly operates in only one business role? Why or Why not?
What are three different types of e-business customers? How would your business strategy change depending on the type of customer you have?
How have customer demands changed since the advent of e-business? Be specific.
How has the evolution to e-business affected business services? How has the Internet supported the growth and opportunity of e-business?
What are the strategic benefits and risks of global sourcing? What is the most important risk management concern in your organization?
Why might a company use supply chain monitoring? What types of metrics could be used in the monitoring process?
and More.
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