MKT 435 Week 5 Final Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy

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MKT 435 Week 5 Final Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy
Create and present a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation of Part III.  
Develop a segmentation analysis of the company's target market. Address each variable of segmentation (geographic, demographic, behavioral and psychographic) that is significant in attracting the target market. Provide specific examples of product attributes and benefits for each segmentation variable identified as relevant. Refer to Chapter 2 for segmentation variables.

  • What is the target market for this company's product line? Discuss the target market in terms of the segmentation variables. 

  • What position has the company chosen for this product?

  • Reexamine the five examples of the company's communications identified in the Week 3 assignment.

  • Rework each example to better reflect the external and internal influences on the stated target market. Create a new communications tool for each.

  • Discuss why the changes were made and how the marketing team can evaluate the effectiveness of the new communications tools.

  • Use the speaker notes option in PowerPoint for discussion.

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