■ Capri's Minecraft-Pack V.4 / Winter Edition ■

What is in the pack?

→ 4 different full customizable Minecraft-Lightrooms for Cinema 4D

→ After Effects Snow Particle

→ Minecraft-Intro CC's

→ Snow Golem Rig

→ Different Christmas Models ( Snow Globe, Snowball, Christmas Socks etc. )

→ Frozen Minecraft Weapon

→ Gift Wrap Freebies

→ Snow Footage

→ Carriage Rig

■ More Information ■

Is there any official presentation?

Is there any why to get the pack for free?

→ If you have more than 3.000 active subscribers on your Youtube-Channel, you can upload the official promotion.

Is it possible to pay with an PaySafeCard?

→ Of course, just add me in Skype : capri.official

Whats the price if i want to pay with an PaySafeCard?

→ Its more expensive if you pay with PaySafeCard ( 10€ )

There are some questions left ?

→ Feel free to ask me and simply add me in Skype : capri.official

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