Fantasy UI - Bloodline

Designed to fit any RPG or MMO game, Bloodline contains all the base elements you may need for your game. Looking dark and stylish with fantasy elements this interface will bring your game to the next level.

Every element is sliced and sorted in properly named folders for quick usage. In case you dont like how it's sliced, full version of the psd files are included with user friendly grouped layers.

The package also contains a character platform 3D model, that fits the interface style.

The product features:

- More than 50 Elements & Icons
- Sliced images
- 3D platform
- PSD files

* Please note that there is just .psd file and sliced .png files for all of the elements in the package. You have to code it on your own, this is just a design, does not include example scene or atlas.

* The interface is separated into 3 .psd files for easy usage and better workflow.

* If you need any extra elements, that are not included please contact me at [email protected], and i will add them to the package.
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