"OK, send me your bio."

Are you hearing this more often than not?  As you build your business, book more speaking engagements, finish your book or revamp your brand, an amazing biography should accompany all of those goals.

Whether incorporating your biography into your business marketing materials for client proposals, submitting it as a guest panelist for an event or merely posting it on your website and/or blog, an updated bio in short and long format is critical for your brand.

But most importantly? Your biography is your personal story as well as the formal introduction to your brand.  Let us help you make a standout first impression.

What's Included:

✔ A strategic review of your current biography (personal or business)
✔An editorial rewrite and update of your biography in short and long format (personal or business)
✔ Key content updates, edits and rewrites to modernize your biography message
✔ Strategic logo or photo incorporation into your short and long biographies
✔ 2 full client review and content edits
✔ New biographies delivered in Word and PDF for easy edits, updates and changes
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