HCS 455 Week 1 Healthcare- Week One Weekly Overview.DOCX

HCS 455 Week 1 Healthcare- Week One Weekly Overview

For many, many years, and especially now. The topic of health care has always been very important. Here we have half of politicians and Americans saying health care is a privilege and the other half stating it is right. I personally believe that health care is a right. We should have access to it freely and willingly for all citizens no matter the circumstance. Although it is not embedded or mentioned in the constitution, it does not mean it should not be a right. What I do see as more of a privilege is the type of insurance that we choose to have. Whether it be Medicaid or private insurance. In some cases some of us cannot afford private insurance, which is why there is Medicaid, some of us pay it privately, and some of us get it from work, I see that more as a privilege.  

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