Saturday AM #38 (includes Saturday PLUS #14)

It's finally here!SAIGAMI and ISLANDERS are BRAND-NEW and continue their newest arcs!In the "Initiation",  Andrea Voros' SAIGAMI finds our heroes discovering more twists as they ascend the newest trials. What better way to enjoy this issue and this installment of SAIGAMI than with our incredible cover featuring Star of the series -- Ayumi!Meanwhile, our favorite band of misfits and loners must figure out how to get OFF an island in the next installment of "Rhythm and Bruise" arc of ISLANDERS. Finally, enjoy an interview on our ALL-NEW YOUTUBE experience.And did we mention Saturday PLUS #14? You get the next issue of our anthology dedicated to PILOT Manga from the best up and coming talent. In this issue try Blind Expansion, Laws, Better Off Ignorant and more!Our long-running shonen manga webcomics is gathering steam to our EPIC Issue #40 this year so get prepared by buying, reading and LOVING this issue!
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