Eva's Hair and Eyebrow Coloring at Fantastic Sams

Eva's plans are to get a pixie haircut at the barbershop later that day, but first she wants to her hair dyed a rich brunette color. She visits the Fantastic Sams in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota for the hair coloring. There, in a blue summer dress and cute colorful heels, Eva gets caped and the stylist quickly gets to coloring her hair. A strip is wrapped around her head, and a plastic cap is placed over her head. While the color sets in, the stylist colors Eva's eyebrows to match her new beautiful hair color. Eva loves the star treatment she is getting. After the timer goes off, it's time for the shampoo and conditioning! Soon the stylist is styling her hair a bit -- one last style before it gets all chopped off later! Eva loves her new hair color. She definitely believes in the saying, "Boys prefer Blondes. Men prefer Brunettes." duration: 59 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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