ACC 543 Week 6 Homework

Mr. Smith's activities at the time of the incident are related to his employment. Under the contacts it is stated that he "may be required to devote a reasonable amount of time to other duties." The math club, an organization within the school, organized the event. Permission slips were likely required for insurance and liability purposes. At events such as these, faculty are likely to be required to attend. In this case, there was no other information presented that other faculty members were present in addition to Mr. Smith. Being that it was an event supported and approved by the school, it was a related event.

The Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission will win this case. This case comes down to the failure of testing the vessel before it was placed in operation. Under OSHA, companies are required to provide a safe work environment for its employees. Guidelines and standards are established to promote safety within a workplace. The General Duty Standard is a standard where an employer has the duty to provide a workplace free from hazards that could potentially cause serious injury or death. In this situation, the general duty standard was violated. There was not a system in place that prevented use of an object before it was thoroughly tested.
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