BSA 310 Week 5 Team Assignment - Service Request SR-rm-012 - Riordan Manufacturing Business Systems

Week 5:

Resource: Virtual Organization

Use: Riordan Manufacturing

The Virtual Organizations can be accessed through your Integrated Classroom web page (rEsource) by clicking on the Virtual Organizations link in the Course area on the Materials link/page. Service Requests can also be found in the same area.

Review the Operations page for Riordan Manufacturing.

Identify and describe, based upon your review, existing and needed business systems and subsystems.

Finalize the 12 - 14 page paper (approximately 350 words per page). Refer to Meeting Five (5) in Learning Team Project section below for full details, along with the Paper and Presentation section additional requirements.

Complete the final draft of the paper based on the weekly meeting assignments by providing your assessment and analysis of business systems for Riordan Manufacturing. Use your research (draft materials) from this week and the previous weeks to strengthen your position on your assessment and analysis.

Check for cohesiveness and flow in the paper from individual contributions. Ensure the paper meets the requirements of the project as stated in the Learning Team Assignment section below. Make appropriate corrections and improvements to the final paper.

Finalize the project presentation by preparing a Microsoft PowerPoint© presentation of the entire project (length of PowerPoint Presentation can be determined by the Learning Team). Be sure to include speaker notes that discuss each aspect of presentation points. Speaker notes should present the presentation just as if your team were in front of the class. The speaker notes should “walk the audience” through your presentation, from start to finish. Your learning team should provide the verbiage that you would present in front of the audience, along with transitions from one team member to another. Note; I do not want to see sections of the paper copied and pasted into the speaker notes. This should be a professionally prepared paper and presentation.

Adhere the paper and presentation to the writing Standards within the Learning Team section.

Include within the paper and presentation properly cited APA references, where appropriate. It is expected that a minimum of 10 - 12 distinct external references be used and properly cited within the paper. Note: dictionary or encyclopedia references do not count towards the 10-12 distinct external references.

Submit your final copy of your paper through the Center for Writing Excellence – Plagiarism Checker and attach the summary report to the end of your paper (after the Reference page – CTL+A on HTML TurnItIn report page, CTL+C (Copy), then CTL+V (Paste) after Reference page). This is logistic a requirement for this Individual Student assignment. I do not want a separate attachment for the summary.

Post: Completed paper as a properly formatted paper (Title page, Table of Contents (optional), References and Plagiarism Summary Report (these sections do not count towards the 12 – 14 page length of the paper)) as a Word document and presentation as a PowerPoint document to the Learning Team scribe’s Assignments Link for grading purposes.

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