098 : Miss Black Mamba cranks the old Fiat Panda in sneakers, socks and barefeet

Miss Black Mamba is driving to a friend's house. She wears a t-shirt open in the front, shorts and converse. As there are some roadworks along the way, she wants to take a short cut in the fields.

The video starts with Black Mamba driving her Fiat Panda all around the city to this short cut, but when she arrives there, she realizes that the road is closed. She gets off the car trying to understand if there is some "secret path" to overpass the closed road and continue to the short cut in the fields. As she finds no path, she comes back in the car and... The Panda won't start!

She is stranded...She starts cranking the car with no luck, so, as she is frustrated, she removes her t-shirt and she tries pumping the pedal harder and harder... Nothing happens!
She pumps even the clutch, maybe that works... but nothing again.

So she decides to have a look under the bonnet. She opens it, removes the spare tire and have a look at the engine. You clearly see that she doesn't know what is wrong, so she just check if all the cables are connected. She even checks the battery to see if every cable is ok

"Oh cmon! This is ok, that is connected, this engine looks ok, but WHY IT DOESN'T WANT TO START?!?!" she thinks.
She then jumps in the car to try again, but nothing!
After a while she decides to remove her shoes and try with her socks, maybe she can feel the pedal better and the car will start easily... But no! As always the Fiat refuses to start! She even turns her head around to see if there is someone willing to help this poor and sexy lady, but she is alone here...

She decides then to remove her socks and pump barefeet, so she pumps aggressively the pedals as she is now really really nervous!

She checks again under the bonnet all the cables, but everything seems still ok, and this makes her more frustrated.
She tries again for a while, but it doesn't work!

And ... the battery is on the way to become drained!

At the end she decides to put on her socks and her converse, close everything, and try for a last time. As it still doesn't work, she leaves this shitty car there and she goes home walking.
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