Acct434 Advanced Cost Management: Craners Company budgets on an annual basis

Acct434 Advanced Cost Management

Craners Company budgets on an annual basis for its fiscal year. The following beginning and ending inventory levels (in units) are planned for the fiscal year of July 1, 20x2, through June 30, 20x3.
July 1, 20x2 June 30, 20x3
Raw material (note) 40,000 10,000
Work in process 8,000 8,000
Finished goods 30,000 5,000
(note) Three units of raw material are needed to produce each unit of finished product.

If 450,000 finished units were to be manufactured during the 20x2-20x3 fiscal year by Craners Company, the units of raw material needed to be purchased would be
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