The Music Blog Directory EXCEL 14th Edition April 2018

The Most Comprehensive and Up to Date List of Every Influential Music Blog That You Need To Get Your Music Heard!

We believe that you should focus your time and energy on being creative, on imagining new ways to connect with people and not on wasting hours of precious time on boring research which is why we created The Music Blog Directory! We have done all the tedious work so you don't have to!

We are very excited to announce the 14th Edition of The Music Blog Directory, an invaluable resource for getting your music in front of today's most influential music writers and tastemakers.

This 14th Edition of The Music Blog Directory 2018 is your comprehensive guide to over 3,000 Music Blogs from across the globe spanning every musical genre from Indie, Pop, Alternative, Rock, Electronic, Americana, Country, Hip Hop, Folk, House, RnB, EDM, Rap, Experimental, Metal, Jazz, etc 

We have added 200 brand new Music Blogs making this the most up to date Music Blog Directory available anywhere!

Each email in every single one of the 3,000 blogs in The Music Blog Directory have been updated and we have also removed any blogs that have resigned from the music blogging world so you can rest assured that all the blogs in The Music Blog Directory are active and that you are provided with the most current information available. 

The Music Blog Directory also includes every one of the 654 blogs that feed into The Hype Machine! 

"A whole book could be written on the merits of the Hype Machine, but let’s just say it’s important to our current musical landscape, and any independent artist would do well to look at it from a creative and “outside the box” perspective, taking time to get to know each and every blogger catering to their genre" Independent Music Promotions

The musical landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and Music Blogs are becoming the new A&R scouts, scouring the internet and the music scene in search of the next Buzz Band.  

These influential tastemakers filter through the noise and help record labels, publishers, music supervisors, DJ's and fans alike to discover new and notable music. Their opinions can carry a lot of weight in the music business and a rave review from an influential blogger can sometimes be enough to catapult a band into "Buzz Band" status.

The Music Blog Directory is the most comprehensive and up to date list of every Music Blog that you need to get your music heard! This is the only tool that you need to discover and connect with these influential music bloggers

The 14th Edition of The Music Blog Directory features  

Over 3,000 of the Top Music Blogs from around the world
Over 4,500 email addresses for the bloggers and their contributing writers
Over 4,000 Bloggers Names 
The Music Blog Directory now includes every Music Blog that feeds into The Hype Machine
Detailed Description for every Blog - including what styles of music the blog focuses on
How to Submit your Music -  each blogger's preferred method for submissions
Twitter Handle
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