Repro-5 Patches by BoB SwanS

I rarely have the time to create patches since the birth of my daughter but after playing with the public beta of U-He Repro-5
I was amazed and excited to create some patches similar to my Prophet 12 offerings. This is seriously (in my opinion) The most authentic sounding Prophet 5\Analog synth emulation i have ever had the pleasure of using.

So without any further rambling

I present

150 new patches for U-he Repro-5
by BoB SwanS

Featuring Classic and Contemporary Basses, Leads, Keys, Pads and Fx

I have programmed the majority of these patches to have both subtle and dramatic changes in tone and character using the 2 available mod slots, Aftertouch, Velocity and the mod wheel assign functions.

All patches are tagged using the plugin's internal tagging system

Please take the time to listen to the audio demo's before you purchase the patches, It is a short selection of a few personal favourites, some are played live and some are sequenced.
The demo's have no fx other than the ones built into Repro-5 and the file is not Mastered or EQ'd in any way

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