Plastic Bucket Mock-Up Template

This realistic plastic bucket mock-up template, was created by our senior 3D designer in collaboration with our mock-up specialist. It has a smooth plastic surface with life like texture, and shading realized through multiple light sources. Since this was made entirely in 3D the bucket has a precise mask, and its completely isolated, with many layers, to preserve full editability. The layers are placed in a organised manner meaning changing the background is a trivial task, and since the shadow is on a separated layer, it too can be manipulated with ease. It was tested on a range of background colors in order to select the correct values which allow it to be presented on both a dark, or on a light background. 


- High Resolution 3200 × 2000 px
- Editable Pouch Color & Design via Smart Objects
- Edtiable Background Texture & Color
- Organized and named layers
- Isolated Shadows
- Fully Customizable
- Layered PSD file

Help File (Illustrated PDF)

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