M4L szk.ANDRE2057.amxd

André 2057 is an experimental Delay-Tape-Shifter effect inspired of the modular synthesis. It uses the incoming signal mixed with oscillators and pitch tracking to auto-modulate its different effects. Feed the pigbot with audio input and create cool textures and drones !

# As André 2057 has been designed as an experimental audio effect, it has no easy audio description. To have a better idea about how it works, please look at the audio scheme pdf file that proposes a graphical resume of the audio routing.

# This device uses the retune~ object included with Max 7. You’ll need this version of Max to run the device properly.

Included files :
- szk.ANDRE2057_v1_0.amxd
- audioscheme.pdf

Documentation is available within the device.

Compatibility :
Live 9+
Max 7+

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