MGT 312 Week 2 Personality Impact Paper

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MGT 312 Week
2 Personality Impact Paper

Complete the personality assessments in Ch. 2 of Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior

2.5, 2.6, and 2.7 and 2.11

  • Summarize
    the major aspects of your personality based on the personality assessment
    you completed as outlined in Exhibits
    2.5,2.6 and 2.7. 
    In each of
    these three assessments, give us your score and the possible range of
    scores. For example, in assessment 2,5. how many responses did you mark as
    true. Then we need to know where you fell within the range. Did you mark 5
    out of 11 as true? Then give examples of how you display these behaviors
    from the asessment in your workplace.

  • Based on Exhibit
    , summarize the
    cognitive abilities you have that apply to the workplace.

  • What
    potential effects would your personality
    type and cognitive abilities
    on the performance of an organization?

  • How would
    you mitigate any shortcomings? What are the areas that are weaknesses and
    provide a concrete plan to address. A concrete plan includes the issues
    you want to address, the actions to correct, the time line, and the
    measurement system.

Write a 700 -1500 word paper addressing the topics

Include at least one scholarly source from the
library in addition ot the textbook.

Since this is a paper about you personally, you do not
have to avoid the use of the word "I", but it still should be APA

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