The Evidence for Animal Reincarnation - Clues, Characteristics, Confirmation.

The idea that the individual spirit can and does reincarnate throughout many lifetimes is an age-old philosophy in most major religious and indigenous traditions. Going back as far as perhaps 500,000 years, some archaeologists have determined that the Neanderthal had their own ideas about multiple rebirths through their distinct funerary practices. Some cultures include animals as part of the reincarnation cycle, including the Tibetan Dali Lama(s) - each Dali Lama is accompanied by the return of their own “Temple Dog.” With a multitude of examples of how cultures throughout history have believed and honored the process of multiple incarnations, including animals, is there evidence to show that our own animal companions can and do return? In this well-researched presentation, we examine all of the angles, clues, and characteristics that lend profound evidence that animal reincarnation is a reality. Included in this nearly 2-hour talk based on the original presentation given in 2013 at the Animals in the Afterlife Conference in Massachusetts (The Case for Animal Reincarnation), #1 best-Selling author and metaphysical researcher Alexis Brooks builds a compelling case for the reality of animal reincarnation by highlighting: - Common beliefs about reincarnation throughout recorded human history. - Perspectives from indigenous cultures and religious faiths and how animals play prominently in the reincarnation process. - Past life stories of children and how distinct marks correspond to both children and animals as a clue to a possible “return.” - How animal (and human) instinct are key in making the case for animal reincarnation. -Personal testimony by others who feel their animal companions have returned. - The role synchronicity plays in recognizing a return of your pet. - How dreams play a primary role in recognizing if/when your pet will return to you. - How to communicate with your pet to determine if a return to you is likely. Over 60 full color slides. Fully narrated. First-person accounts recorded for you to hear directly from the individuals who believe they experienced this phenomenon. Handy references for further research. Runtime: 1:43:02 Size: 1.62 Gigs Format: MPEG-4 It is recommended that you download this presentation on either a desktop or laptop computer, then sync to your portable device from your computer.
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