Linde Forklift Truck H1218-Series: HT25D, HT30D Operating Instructions and Schematic Diagram

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Diesel Forklift Truck H-Series Type 1218.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

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Format: ZIP, included files:
Operating Instructions, PDF, 147 Pages
Schematic Diagram, PDF, 11 pages

Language: English


1. Introduction
   Intended use
   Impermissible use
   Description of use and climatic conditions
   Symbols used
2. Safety
   Safety guidelines
   Residual risks
   In the case of tip-over
   Handling consumables
   Competent person
   Fit attachments
   Manually lowering the load forks
3. Overview
   Identification plates
   General view
   Controller and panel
   Instrument cluster
4. Operation
    Instructions for running-in
    Pre-shift checks
    Daily checks
    Seat belt status and performance checks
    Checking condition and performance
    Adjustment of the driver's seat*
    Seat belt*
    Seat belt*
    Horn operation
    Adjusting the steering column
    Starting the engine
    Starting the engine
    Engine shutdown
    Changing the drive direction
    Inching control
    Starting on an incline
    Steering system
    Brake system
    Lifting devices and attachments
    Operating the lifting device
    Operating attachments
    Load centre distance and load capacity
    Load rating plate
    Picking up a load
    Adjusting the fork spacing
    Driving with a load
    Tow coupling
    Before exiting the truck
    Truck transport
    Use a truck or flatbed trailer to carry the forklift truck
    Lifting the truck with a crane
    Truck storage
    Measures to be taken prior to truck storage
    Resuming use of the forklift truck
5. Maintenance
   General information
   Pre-service preparatory work
   Recommended fuels and oils
   Periodic checks and maintenance
   100-hour service plan
   500-hour service plan
   1000-hour service plan
   3000-hour service plan
   Cleaning the truck
   Changing the engine oil
   Check the engine oil level
   Changing the engine oil filter
   Replacing the fuel filter/water trap
   Changing the fuel pre-filter*
   Change air filter insert, check the vacuum switch
   Cleaning the air filter insert
   Emptying the fuel filter/water trap
   Charging the fuel system
   Adjusting the valve clearance/rocker arm
   Checking the leak resistance of the intake and exhaust pipes
   Cleaning and inspecting the injector
   Checking and adjusting the lever control gear and engine idling regulator
   Checking and adjusting the radiator fan V-belt
   Replacing the radiator fan V-belt (when necessary)
   Checking the condition and fastening of the engine mounts
   Checking or replacing the hoses of the fuel system and cooling system
   Cooling system
   Checking and cleaning the cooling fins
   Changing the coolant
   Checking the coolant level
   Transmission system
   Replacing the fine hydraulic transmission oil filter
   Changing the hydraulic transmission crude oil filter
   Cleaning the hydraulic transmission crude oil filter
   Checking the oil level of the hydraulic transmission
   Changing the drive axle gearbox oil
   Checking the drive axle gearbox oil
   Lubricate the conical roller bearings of the drive axle
   Checking and adjusting the operating clearance of the self-adjusting brake apparatus
   Steering axle and wheels
   Cleaning and lubricating the steering axle
   Checking the tyres for damage and foreign matter
   Checking tyre inflation pressure
   Tighten the tyre nuts
   Chassis frame
   Check the lap seat belt for condition and correct operation
   Checking the installation of the engine, hydraulic transmission and drive axle
   Checking the fastening of the engine bracket, overhead guard, tilt cylinder, steering axle and wheel drive
   Control system
   Checking the operation of the parking brake
   Checking that the driving brake is operating normally
   Checking that the inching controls are operating normally
   Checking the driving brake and adjusting if necessary
   Check the brake fluid level
   Replacing the brake fluid
   Using heat-resistant lubricating grease to lubricate the automatic regulator threads and sliding bush (non-mandatory)
   Checking battery charging status
   Checking the condition and tightness of cables and connections
   Check fuses
   Changing the intake oil filter
   Replacing the return oil filter
   Replacing the respirator
   Change hydraulic oil
   Checking the hydraulic oil level
   Checking the leak resistance of the hydraulics, drive axle, variable speed transmission and line (visual inspection)
   Checking the preload of the double hoses (if equipped with attachments)
   Load lifting system
   Cleaning and lubricating the sideshift forks* and checking connections
   Checking the fork arms and the fork arm quick release apparatus
   Checking the operation and installation of the lift mast, lifting chain and limit block .
   Lubricate the lift mast and chains with chain spray
   Lubricating the lift mast and tilt cylinder bearings
   Adjusting the length of the lift chains, and lubricating using chain spray
6. Technical datasheet
   Technical datasheet HT25D
   Technical datasheet HT30D
   Lift mast parameter table
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