OM Pimespo XOP1 Ordre Picker Workshop Repair Manual

OM Pimespo XOP1 Ordre Picker Workshop Repair Manual

These workshop manual contains all the information required to assist the trained service engineers with all work, repairs and maintenance for the model XOP.

The manual include the wiring diagram and schematics to fix any electrical issue.

Language : English
Format : PDF

Workshop Manual XOP1 – 792 Pages
User and Maintenance Manual 4 versions each – 96 Pages

The Workshop Manual covers topic like:

1 Vehicle data
2 Travel motor
3 Drive wheel
4 Gear
5 Brake
6 Idling wheels
7 Hydraulic
8 Cylinder
9 Line break protection
10 Hydraulic pump
11 Aisle recognition
12 Steering
13 Vehicle control system (FZS)
14 Operating panel
15 End-of-aisle safety system (EASS)
16 Speed sensor
17 Braking monitor (ABÜ)
18 Travel control
19 Travel switch
21 Travel control software
22 Steering software
23 Hand-held programming unit
99 Maintenance