082 : Miss Vicky revs, cranks and then punishes the old Fiat Panda

Miss Vicky has to go to a meeting, she jumps on board of her old Fiat Panda, has a short drive, she's in advance and she decides to have a stop and rev the car from the hood. She loves so much the sound of the engine that rumbles beneath her fingers!

But the time to go has arrived, Vicky close the hoods and is ready to go ... but the Fiat Panda stalls and there's no way to have it started again !!

Vicky began to get nervous and start to rip all the buttons of her cardigan while cranking, until the battery runs out.

She gets out of the car, she kicks and breaks the grille and, defeated ... she leaves the car and goes away walking!

Playtime: 28:06 Min Size 0,99 GB
Release date : July 12, 2015
Price : € 20,00
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