So after thinking for a long time, I've decided to put this kit out like this. This Kit Will Only Be $25 Up until May the 20th, After which I will be taking the link down and re releasing this kit in July for $35. This kit has everything an FL Studio should need to get started making dope beats ( 2 gbs + ). This Sound kit includes:

The TM88 Ultimate THRAX Sound Pack ( 300+ sounds ),
The OVO Sylenth1 Bank ( over 50 sounds ),
All my Nexus XP ( 100 + Nexus Banks, Must have Core Content ),
DirectWave THRAX Sound Pack ( 40 + Sounds ),
Gross Beats Presets,
808 Mafia Presets,
11 808s,
32 chants,
Chord Progression Gift Pack,
10 Claps,
12 Crashes,
5 Symbols,
111 Effects,
10 Hihats,
12 kicks,
5 open hats,
The THRAX OVO Drum Kit,
12 Percs,
16 Snares
37 Soundfonts
The THRAX Accoustic Drum Kit ( Over 1,000 professional acoustic drums ),
Also Included, 

The FL Studio Bible,
DJ Spinz 808,
Rack kick,
And So Muuuch More!
This will be the best $25 you will ever spend on a drum kit! Click The Buy Link and the kit will be sent to you email after your purchase automatically!
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