7 Days to an Organized State of Mind

7 Days to an Organized State of Mind

Most people equate the clutter in their life to one word

— stuff.

Somehow, as if it has a life of its own, clutter finds a way to invade your space. The result is piles of laundry on your bed, clusters of toys scattered about the floor, mounds of mail covering the countertop, and stacks of magazines surrounding your desk.

These things are frustrating, and admittedly, a bit overwhelming; however, there are other types of clutter than can creep into your life. For example:

Do you over-commit to people, organizations, or causes? When you allow yourself to be the “yes person” for others, it clutters your schedule.

Do you have someone in your life that drains your energy and patience? You know the person well because the very mention of their name causes you great stress, and as a result, it clutters your spirit.

Do you look for a distraction, like a TV show, whenever you know you have work to be done? Everyone needs a break at times, but when it is a common occurrence, you are dealing with something that clutters your habit patterns.

Do you lose focus on the task at hand when you really need to finish a project? You know the feeling — everything else looks more urgent. This is due to having something that clutters your mind.

Do you have 1,000 emails in your inbox? If that is the case for you, then you are experiencing something that clutters your digital space.

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I am guessing that you are getting the big picture. Clutter permeates more than just your surroundings; it permeates you — all parts of you — and this phenomenon has a huge impact on how you go about your day.

The question is: how do you make your day work for you, instead of you working just to make it through your day? The solution is: organization.

Organizing is more than managing your belongings. It is managing you, and all aspects of your life, so you feel balanced and in control.

Just imagine…

- The places that you spend the most time are welcoming environments that are conducive to your goals, relaxation, and contentment.

- All facets of your life are harmonious.

- Getting organized has made all the difference — you are in control, not your clutter.

…I bet that sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it?

"Clutter is stuck energy. The word ‘clutter’ derives from the Middle English word ‘clotter,’ which means to coagulate. And that's about as stuck as you can get." ~Karen Kingston
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