Magic Gummy For Molds

Magic Gummy For Molds


After purchasing you will be recieving a PDF format download of's Magic Gummy For Molds Recipe.

The recipe includes 42 pages of step-by-step instructions and color photographs.

This recipe is a GELATIN based recipe and requires unflavored, unsweetened beef gelatin.'s Beef Art Gelatin is HIGHLY recommended for this recipe for the clearest results!

This recipe is for appearance and functionality... this recipe IS NOT FOR TASTE! This recipe, when made as written, has a very mild taste to it, but flavorings can be added to this recipe if desired.

This recipe can be melted and poured into silicone molds to create gummy decorations. This recipe can also be used to create a clear or metallic edible fabric without using wafer paper. This recipe can also be used as a remeltable, reusable mold making material! 

Please note:

1) Decorations made using Magic Gummy For Molds will not easily stick to fondant, ganache or gum paste. Reserve this recipe for decorations that do not have to be adhered to the side of a cake.

2) Also, this recipe must be kept refrigerated! Decorations made using this recipe may sit at room temperature safely for up to 8 hours - just be sure to keep in a cool dry area to keep from melting.

3) Since this is a gelatin based recipe, there is a slight yellow tint to the Magic Gummy For Molds. The thinner the decorations are made using this recipe, the more clear they will appear.

IMPORTANT: This recipe uses American measurements such as: "Cups", "Teaspoons", "Tablespoons", and "ounces" by weight for measuring!

WARNING: Though Magic Gummy For Molds is edible, it is gummy bear-like and does not dissolve quickly in one's mouth and therefore poses a CHOKING HAZARD especially for young kids and the elderly! Please remove Magic Gummy For Molds from cakes or other edibles before serving to guests. Magic Gummy For Molds was designed to be used as a food-safe decoration.

VERY IMPORTANT: This recipe is the property of and may not be reproduced, edited, shared, retaught, or distributed in any manner! This tutorial is intended for personal use only and may not be shared or retaught in part or in whole. This recipe may be used to produce decorations to use for cakes or decorations you are selling to customers, but the recipe itself is not allowed to be shared, sold or retaught.

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