32x Infinite C4D Weapon Pack :: by NathanCreations

32x Infinite C4D Weapon Pack
Another Free pack for you guys for being active and supportive!
Y'all deserve this pack!
For those who were asking from where I got this texture pack,
this texture pack was made by Cyroh and Cazioss! Link below :D
TP Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2gkVC3K5lo


32x Swords

+ Scale Settings
+ Easier to move than my weapon pack before

32x Fishing Rod

+ Scale Settings

32x Apple // Golden Apple

+ One preset
+ Two selections: Normal Apple / Golden Apple
+ Size Settings
+ Colorize Effect

32x Rigged Bow

+ Rigged bow that has automated movement settings
+ Scale Settings

Download and Test it now! Yeeeee!
Thank you all guys for the support!

Contact me if you have any problems
Twitter: twitter.com/NathanCreations
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