MKT 435 Week 2 Team Assignment Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Paper

Ram Heavy Duty Pickup

Hauling heavy equipment and livestock or traversing tough terrain in luxury, fuel efficiency, and comfort…this is what Ram Heavy-Duty Pickups offer consumers.  A company with this much to offer needs to forma proper marketing plan that allows them to reach consumers who have a need for their product.  In order to effectively do this, an analysis of the market was conducted by Ram’s parent company, Chrysler LLC.  This analysis will discuss Ram’s market segmentation, target markets, as well as its positioning in the market.  The discussion will analyze how consumer behavior affects the positioning of Ram Heavy-Duty in the marketplace and how this position relates to basic marketing concepts.  Finally, the discussion will look at purchasing trends and how these trends have affected the marketing of Ram Heavy-Duty Pickups.  First, it is important to make clear who makes up the current consumer market and the position that Ram holds in the marketplace compared to the competition.
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