Play Magic Golf PDF ebook - Amazon 5 Stars Rating (4.3)

Prepare for a magical journey at the speed of light to steal from the world of hypnosis, meditation, Zen, NLP, universal laws, and quantum energy. You are guaranteed to be a better golfer, and will enjoy more confidence off the course too. Non-golfers have used these tools to create richness in their lives too.

Dr.Simpson’s methods have been used successfully by tour players, and helped them win tournaments, as well as by club golfers of all ability levels. Almost all the top players have mind coaches, and recognise the critical role they have played in their success. Mind coaching is not for those who lack mental strength; it is for those who have already proven their resilience in golf, or in any other area of their life.

Successful people are not afraid to discover just how much higher they can climb. Before you commit to discovering just how far you can take your game, ask yourself: – Am I really ready to experiment with new ideas, knowing they have worked for others? – Am I frustrated that I do not have more to show for my efforts so far? – Am I ready to say ‘Enough is enough, it is time for something different?’

This is the third edition of Play Magic Golf, and builds on the successes of the first two editions, and the feedback and results obtained by its readers.
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