808 Bender

808 Bender is an Ableton Instrument Rack for creating heavy, gritty, 808 bass - a sound commonly used in Trap, EDM, Footwork, Grime and more. If you have been following these genres, you may have noticed that producers are now heavily tweaking the stock 808 sound to give their beats more character.

808 Bender is created for that exact purpose! You can easily make your 808 bass glide, distort and wobble by simply twisting a few knobs. You can access glide time, two types of distortion and wobble amount, as well as basic envelope and gain adjustment, all from a single layout. You will be adding a whole lot of low end, trunk-rattling, attitude to your tracks in no time!

The 808 Bender Instrument Rack is packed in an Ableton Live Pack along with the rest of the stems from the demo. As a bonus, feel free to do what you like with the stems in this Live Pack!

This rack is compatible with Ableton Live 9, including the newly released 9.5 version.

Listen to demo song: https://soundcloud.com/shroombeats808/808-bender-demo

Note: This is an .alp file. If the Sellfy zip does not unzip it as .alp, simply rename the file and add the extension at the end of the file name.
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