EviLA's RPG Pack for Invector

EviLA's RPG Pack for Invector

The RPG pack for Invector from EviLA's Assets is a collection of systems and scripts meant as a starting point for those of you trying to build an RPG on your own.


Unity 5.6.4 or higher.
Invector Melee Combat (v2.2.4+) or Shooter Template (v1.1.4+)




1. A quest system that allows you to add different quests to your game and modify them with several attributes to create variety and uniqueness among quests.

2. A runtime spawning system that works hand in hand or without the quest system above, to help you spawn enemies on meshes and terrains.

3. A vendor system, where you create sellers for various items. The vendor system comes with a currency system as well. 

4. A cross scene save/load system, that helps you save and load your game. It is very extensible and requires a moderate level of scripting knowledge to work with. cCurrently supports saving inventory, chest states, animations etc etc etc and you can extend it to work for what you want by customizing.

5. An experience system, which comes with two different prebuilt levelling/experience functions with the ability extend and add your own. It is extensible but requires a moderate level of scripting knowledge to work with.

6. A stat system that comes bundled with the experience system, where you're able to set specific trends, for certain properties of the player or items that can be improved upon leveling up. For example player health or weapon damage, stamina costs etc. Fall off curves can also be determine how a trend behaves as the player levels up.

All of the scripts will be continuously supported and updated in correspondence to all updates to Invector controller.

If any third party integrations are needed, I'll be happy to take a look and see what I can do if I own the asset.

Extract the package into the Invector folder and read through the documentation on how to do the installation.
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