Pattern Painter 2 - Brush Pack for Affinity Designer / Photo

2.0 Update:

  • Added 17 new manga screentone brushes. 

  • Updated/enhanced more than 20 brushes

The easiest and most artist-friendly way of using patterns in Affinity apps!

Pattern Painter is a raster brush pack made out of custom patterns and designed for being used within Affinity Designer's Pixel Persona or Affinity Photo

Pattern Painter helps you to add patterns to your illustrations or designs in a way that is already natural for you, using brushes!

Key Features:

  • 70 Raster Brushes

  • Seamless paint, even when releasing your brush from the canvas.

  • Resize Patterns to match your project's dimensions.

  • Nice assortment of screen tones for Manga/Comic style illustrations.

  • More brushes are being made. All updates will be FREE forever!

Spice up your good ol' arsenal
 Instead of replacing other brushes, Pattern Painter blends smoothly with any other natural media, FX or texture brush set you already own. Add new depth and stunning  details to your artwork in a matter of seconds!

Bonus: Basic Tools
Draw a rough sketch, ink it up, lay down some base colors, add some shading and then go nuts detailing with a bunch of cool patterns! Pattern Painter includes a set of 7 basic brushes, to have you covered in the whole creative process.
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