Scottish Baroque Guitar - 8 Arranged Pieces

A Port
Lady Lie Nier Me
My Lady Binnis Lilt
I Long For Thy Virginitie
Rhona's Tune
Lady Lothian's Lilt
Courante and Double
The Canaries

Only two torn manuscript pages survive for the 5c guitar in Scotland, in the Panmure 5 MS. The remainder of the manuscript is of lute music, and includes one untitled piece, known elsewhere as 'Lady Lothian's Lilt'. Interestingly, there is a magnificent painting by Scotland's greatest portrait artist, Allan Ramsay, of the same Lady Lothian holding a very fine 5c guitar. It was a simple step to arrange her Lilt for the guitar, and a further short step to arrange a collection of pieces drawn from other 17th-century Scottish lute manuscripts.
I recorded these pieces on an album called "Love Is The Cause" [Alpha 530]

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