MasterCake's MCSG Map Screenshot Pack

398 Minecraft screenshots taken with various angels on every playable MCSG map as well as 4 in the main lobby and one in the SG game lobby. If more maps are added to MCSG the pack will be updated ASAP, Please do not redistribute this pack or any of its contents. Please do not claim any of the images as your own and attempt to resell them or give them away. You may however use them in your graphics, even if you're selling them. All maps in the pack: Alaskan Village Avaricia Baroque Bayside Breeze Island Breeze Island 2 Castle Dracula Chernobyl 2015 Construct Demon's Breeze Elysia Estyr Fallen Empire Fortress Pyke Fortune Island Green Grass Highfield Estate Hukono Holiday Resort Holiday Resort 2 Hungry Hills Icarus Fallen Inertia Lobby Games Mockingjay Moonbase 9 Mortal Skies Mousalem - Halloween 2015 Origins Par 72 Par 72 Revamped Plantations Ragnarok Rebellion's District Section Six SG Highway Shady Hollow Skyward Crest Solar Frost Springfield SG Survival Games Adrenaline Teweran Survival Games Teweran Survival Games 2 The Lost Zoo The Survival Games 1 The Survival Games 2 The Survival Games 3 The Survival Games 4 Thorndon Valley Treacherous Heights Turbulence Valleyside University Winds Of Change WinterHaven Zone 85 Zone 85 Revamped
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