You place a prediction in a glass or in full view. You write a list of activities (For instance: Reading, Play Music, Work, etc.). The participant chooses one of them (There is absolutely no force). And now the « crescendo »: - You show your prediction and it was right (this one is an optional gag, or pretext for getting your audience involved). - On the pen there was another prediction, slightly more accurate. - But finally, with your hands empty, you produce a prediction from inside the cap. This one is 100% accurate. This is a useful effect for those who don't like tricks with smart phones, computers, etc. or if you perform for an audience who don't like them either! But it works very well also for computer addicts.. You will be provided with different variants, with and without a force, some simple and some more advanced, sometimes hands off. iT WORKS IN ANY LANGUAGE.
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