The Art of Less Doing eBook

The Art of Less Doing eBook

If you have trouble managing emails, getting tasks done, managing your time, making time for personal activities, or having the ability to travel disrupting your life, this class can help.

Less Doing provides tips and tools for optimizing, automating, and outsourcing everything in your business and personal lives. Everything from dealing with email, to more efficient fitness regimes, to outsourcing everything is covered. Reclaim your time and your mind.

After reading this eBook you will be able to:

Get more done by doing less
Never have more than 10 unread emails (without spending your day in your inbox)
Ditch your to do list today
Spend less time communicating and get more results
Disband the optional and focus on the essential
Delegate tasks effectively
Create systems of automation that you can "set and forget"
Learn the steps to begin optimizing your health
The Art of Less Doing eBook
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