VIDEO - Extreme hair smelling

Alena has very thick, very voluminous and extremely soft hair which is silkier than you can imagine.
She cares for her hair very much, which is why it's so beautiful.
When very long hair is fresh and smells good, it's even healthier and so good!

In this video, you will see Alena smelling her hair right after it has been washed and dried over time.
Bun smelling, loose hair smelling, wrapping it around her face and so much more is what you will see. During the 10 minutes of the videos, she has smelled her hair so many times in so many different ways that we couldn't even keep up with the counting.
Truly an ASMR-like video which is very calming and beautiful!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 19. March 2020

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