Audio Book - MP3 - Katherine of Carrick

Katherine of Carrick is the world's youngest history detective, and she's determined to put girls back on the map!

Every day is a challenge for Katherine. She is a WORRIER. Faced with her greatest challenge of all - a new home in a strange place - Katherine has to stand her ground against Sammy the Bull.

Having made a bet to stop Sammy and the Terribles from taking over her garden, Katherine has no choice but to go back in time and find GIRL pirates.

With help from Methuselah, the giant mystical tree, and her new friends at Carrickfergus Castle, Katherine sails the high seas on a Viking ship, meeting real Pirates of the Past in her quest for the truth.

Can she save the garden and its creatures? Will she learn the Way of the Warrior? Or will she be a WORRIER forever? Katherine and her friends discover secrets, legends and hidden truths, and life in Carrickfergus will never be the same again.

History has never been this much fun! Boys are allowed - as long as they can keep up... 

Are YOU ready to be a WARRIOR?


ISBN 978-0-9929819-2-1

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