Atlet Electric Reach Truck UFS, UHS, UNS, UNN, URF, USS Series Service (Workshop) Parts Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Atlet Electric Reach Truck U-Series.

Original factory manuals for Atlet Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
UFS 200
UFS 201
UFS 250
UHS 141
UHS 200
UNN 140
UNS 140
UNS 141
UNS 160
UNS 200
URF 125
URF 150
USS 141

Format: PFD, 398 Pages
Language: English

1 General information and technical data
      Service manual
      The trucks
   Manual structure
      Symbol key
      Lifting points
      Safety instructions
      Truck modification
      Environmentally hazardous waste - environment
      Trouble shooting
      Truck types
      Dimension description UNS, UHS
      Dimension description UFS
      Dimension description USS
      Dimension description URF
   Component specification
      Drive motor
      Electric brake
      Hydraulic unit
      Control system for motor
      Servo motor
      Steering servo unit "fly by wire"
      Steering servo unit EPS 2001
      Conversion table torque
      Bolt types and tensile grades
   Recommended oil and grease types
   Code explanations
   Machine colours according to NCS
   Colour codes for Atlet's wiring diagrams
   Designations for electrical components
   Edition 2005C
2 Special tools
   List of tools
   Edition 2009B
3 Service
   Service intervals
   Service inspection
   Check list
   Code explanation
   Recommended changing
   Lubrication chart UNS, UNN, UHS, USS, UFS
   Lubrication chart URF
   Symbol key lubrication chart
4 Chassis
   Chassis, plates
   Dismantling, assembling the overhead guard
   Dismantling, assembling the overhead guard stanchion
   Chassis, machine housing components
   Dismantling, assembling the load wheel
   Adjusting stabilizing lugs (UHH)
   Adjusting the door
   Battery lock, battery type R
   Dismantling, assembling the panels
   Adjustable arm rest U*S
   Dismantling, assembling the arm rest
   Driver seat U*S
5 Drive unit
   Dismantling, assembling the drive unit
   Drive wheel nut tightening torque
   Drive motor, general instructions
   Storage of machines and motors
   First service
   Preventive maintenance
   Dismantling, assembling the motor
   Replacing the motor bearings
   Replacing the bearing housing
   Reconditioning the motor
   Motor bearings
   Pinion nut tightening torque
   Stator housing
   First service
   Preventive maintenance
   Replacing the gearbox
   Drive shaft and drive wheel
   Replacing the drive shaft seal
   Replacing the drive wheel
   Trouble shooting chart
6 Mast
   Dismantling of masts 141, 200
   Dismantling of masts 140, 160, 161
   Adjusting the brass lugs 141, 200
   Adjusting the mast, top 141, 200
   Adjusting the masts 140, 160, 161
   Mast damper (2003w03=)
   Reach carriage
   Dismantling the reach carriage 141, 200
   Dismantling of reach carriage 140, 160, 161
   Adjusting the reach carriages 141, 200
   Adjusting the reach carriages 140, 160, 161
   Fork carriage
   Adjusting the fork carriage, 141,200
   Adjusting the fork carriages 140, 160, 161
   Dismantling, assembling the fork carriage
   Fork test
   Fork side shift unit
   Trouble shooting
   Lift cylinders
   Adjusting the cylinder attachment in the mast
   Lift chains
   Adjusting the lift chains
   Checking the lift chains
   Regular maintenance
   Re-fitting the chains
   Trouble shooting
   Trouble shooting chart 141, 200
   Trouble shooting charts 140, 160, 161
   Three-way-stack unit type 134 URF
   Safety instructions
   General description
   Installation instructions
   Torque [Nm]
   Pipe and hose connection
   Function test
   Hydraulic lines and connections
   Fork holder
   Rotation cylinders
   Cam adjustment
   Pinion drive axle
   Thrust rollers
   Hydraulic motor
   Working conditions and dismantling of motors
   Inspection list
7 Steering
   Chapter structure
   Comprehensive description - fly by wire steering
   Comprehensive description - EPS 2001 steering
   Steering servo motor
   Adjustment of steering servo system - fly by wire
   Dismantling the steering servo motor
   Settings, adjustments and tests
   Controller, functions - fly by wire
   Setting of controller - fly by wire
   Controller factory settings - fly by wire
   Operation test of steering servo system - fly by wire
   Mechanical adjustment to the steering sensors - EPS 2001
   Operation test of the steering steering sensors - EPS 2001
   Calibration of the sensor system - EPS 2001
   Setting of steering wheel indicator - EPS 2001
   Setting of straight steering - URF EPS 2001
   Driver setting for steering sensitivity - EPS 2001
   Limited or continuous steering - EPS 2001
   Mini-wheel or midi-wheel - EPS 2001
   Diagnostics and trouble shooting
   Fly by Wire
   EPS 2001
8 Hydraulic system
   Hydraulic system general regulations
   Start up
   Installation instruction for pipe couplings
   Hydraulic filter
   Pump motor
   Replacing the motor bearings
   Replacing the bearing housing
   Suction hose
   Dismantling the reach cylinder
   Dismantling, assembling the reach cylinder
   Bleeding the reach cylinder
   Dismantling the tilt cylinder from the truck
   Dismantling, assembling the tilt cylinder
   Operation of control valve
   Adjusting the working pressure
   Emergency lowering valve
   Troubleshooting control valve
   Setting the hose rupture valve
   Hydraulic control
   Hydraulic diagram
   Revision list
9 Lift cylinders
   Free lift cylinder
   Draining, bleeding
   Outer cylinder
   Free lift cylinder URF
   Free lift cylinder URF, older design
   Free lift cylinder URF, newer design
10 Electrical system
   Component description
   Capacity measurement
   Battery parameters from version 3.00
   Checking the ATC - chassis connection
   Potential measurement
   Optical aisle sensor, rail guidance
   Caster wheel rotation lock, UFS
   Connectors in cold storage rooms
   Drive and pump regulator (2005w04-)
   Dismantling, assembling
   General on control of the AC motors
   Cable connections
   Power cables
   Insulation resistance
   Routine test
   Temperature measurement
   Trouble shooting - hydraulic functions channels 3, 4 and 5
   Magnetic switch for the reach stop
   Reach stop
   Reach stop damping (2005w04ÿ)
   (trucks with S3)
   Extra accessories
   Atlet's truck computer ATC
   Component and interface description
   Service functions
   Change passwords
   Calibration and control of the hydraulic levers
   Running time functions
   Printing of statistics
   Collision sensor
   ATC connector
   Checking the inputs and outputs
   Digital inputs
   Digital outputs "XC1-XC11"
   Digital outputs B+ supply
   Digital outputs 12 V supply
   Digital outputs B+ supply
   Valve parameters
   Performance parameters
   Error codes
   Error code description
   Menu tree ATC
   Error log
   General instructions with all types of faults on trucks in combination with powe
   Trouble shooting - operational disturbance
   Truck and ATC
   Main contactor
   The drive regulator status indicator
   Traction motor
   Pump motor
   Pump regulator status indicator
   Steering system - EPS 2001
   The drive function
   Automatic driving of the drive unit - UFS
   Rotating wheel indication - UFS
   Low temp drive/Low temp hydraul
   High/Low voltage - EPS 2001
   High temp Steering/Overheated steer - EPS 2001
   Trouble shooting - error messages
   E05, E06, E07, Electric servo - fly by wire
   E97, E98. Drive system stopped/ Hydraulics stopped
   E100, E101. Drive system abnormal/ Hydraulics abnormal
   E102, E103, E107 Servo stopped/Servo abnormal
   -EPS 2001
   E105, Drive system
   E106, Pump system
   Trouble shooting table - battery
   Battery stop
   Wiring diagram
   Appendix 1, Menu tree
11 Speed control and Brake system
   Speed control, U*S
   Dismantling the speed and brake controls, U*S
   Inspection and adjustment of the speed control
   Gill sensor
   Calibration of speed controller (Gill sensor)
   Calibration of speed controller (SLOAN)
   Brake pedal
   Adjusting and inspecting the brake pedal
   Calibration of UFS brake pedal
   Left-foot switch, U*S
   Dismantling, assembling the left-foot switch
   Adjusting the left-foot switch
   Preventive maintenance
   Electric brake
   Electric brake, 1 disc (-2003w01)
   Electrical brake, new version (2003w02-)
   Trouble shooting
   The brakes do not release
12 Extra accessories
   Level selector
   Setting the switch level system
   Height preselection
   Operating height preselection
   Pulse height preset
   Checking settings
   Example of use
   Height measurement instrument
   Setting the offset value
   Protecting the preset value
   Setting COEFF
   Setting dECPt
   Final test
   Adjusting the sensor
   Height indication on the display
   Heating and ventilation
   Electric calibration
   Mechanical adjustment of the lifting/lowering potentiometer
   Semi-automatic tilt centring
   Semi-automatic side-shift centring
   Stability Support System, S3
   Drive Speed
   Hydraulic functions
   Technical description
   S3 option 2 (S3-2) Weight indication
   Technical description
   Truck Remote ACcess, TRAC
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