ClickBank Buzz

ClickBank Affiliate Research Tool 

Do you want a faster and yet cost efficient way to find out more about your Clickbank affiliates and monitor your competitors? 

Wish that you could find out exactly how many affiliates are promoting your product and who they are, which competitors they are also promoting, and how well their websites page rank is? 

Having knowledge of the above factors would certainly give you a huge advantage over your bitter rivals, and you can even tempt their affiliates over to your side by offering a sweeter deal! 

If you are clueless about the importance of knowing all these, then youre going a huge injustice to your online business. 

Now heres the thing, affiliates determine product sales. Hence, knowing more about your affiliates can make the difference of knowing whether you can earn just a few hundred a month or whether thousands a month. 

When you know your affiliates, it gives you opportunities to build strong, lasting relationships with them and you can entice them to become better affiliates for you, skyrocketing your Clickbank sales! 

In addition, you can also find out more about your competitors top affiliates and offer them juicy deals to promote your products! 

Weve created an affiliate research tool which will allow you to research and keep tabs on your own affiliates and even your competitors affiliates. 

Clickbank Buzz is a simple but powerful desktop application that you could use to reveal the identities of your Clickbank affiliates and keep tabs on your competitors affiliates in a matter of minutes! 

All you have to do is insert in the vendor I.D of your product or your competitors products, click around and youll get details of the affiliate pages and their ranking! That will certainly save you a ton of time and effort! 

Heres A Sneak Peek At What ClickBank Buzz Can Do: 
Source important details of affiliates all in just one, easy- to- use software! 
Quietly spy on your competitor by seeing how many affiliates actually promote their products!
Displays affiliate email and URL so you can contact your competitors affiliates and offer them a sweeter deal! 
Save time yet get more information with the user-friendly interface! 
Swiftly export all affiliate details into one file which can be quickly assessed on your computer 
Keep track of the number of affiliates promoting your products and manage your product sales better

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