Module 5 Evaluation of Qualitative Research

Please read the following publications on mixed method approaches to research:

Read Chapter 1: The Nature of Mixed Methods Research from John Creswell and Vicki Plano-Clark's book, Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research, which was published by Sage in 2011. The chapter is available free of charge from Sage at this website:

Read Chapter 1 (including the introduction to Part 1) and Chapter 7 from The Mixed Methods Reader authored by Vicki Plano-Clark and John Creswell and published by Sage in 2007.

o The major component of Chapter 1 is an Introduction to Mixed Method and Mixed Model Studies in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, which was written by Abbas Tashakkori and Charles Teddlie. It is available free of charge from Sage at this web address :

o Chapter 7: An Expanded Typology for Classifying Mixed Methods Research Into Designs was written by John Creswell, Vicki Plano Clark, M. Gutmann, & W. E. Hanson. It is available free of charge from Sage at this web address:

To access either click on the links above or: Login to TLC at Click on the TLC Portal for access to all online libraries link. You will be directed to the “Additional Library Resources” page. Scroll down on the “Additional Library Resources” page and locate SAGE Research Methods. Click on “SAGE Research Methods” Once you have read this material on mixed method research as well as the readings on mixed method from earlier modules, please address the following questions:

Week 1, Module 5

There is considerable debate about whether the conflicting foundational assumptions of quantitative and qualitative research methods allow researchers to “mix” methods. The readings above offer a number of different answers, and approaches to this question. How will you address the issue of “mixing methods” in research?

Week 2, Module 5

How do you justify the mixed method research position you find the most relevant and sound for the type of research you wish to conduct? For all discussions, you will need to respond to or evaluate two peer postings with at least a 125-word response. This will cause you and your peers to generate creative ideas and concepts for your Case Assignment and SLP. As required for all discussion questions, your response must be appropriately referenced and supported.

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