Linde Pallet Truck Type 012: T30R 2t, T30R 3t Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Pallet Truck Type 012.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
T30R 2t
T30R 3t

Format: PDF, 111 Pages
Language: English


A Travel drive
    Motor, general
    Motor terminals
    Removing the motor
    Exchanging the carbon brushes
    Changing the drive wheel
    Removing the travel drive system
    Commissioning the HURTH travel drive system
    Oil change, HURTH gearbox
    Maintenance of the drive motor
    Specifications of the drive motor

B Steering
    Structure of the steering system
    Functional characteristics of the steering sensor
    Setting the steering sensor
    Servo unit, general
    Exchanging the servo unit
    Control unit u100
    Setting current limitation u100
    Specifications, servo unit

C Brake
    Functional characteristics
    Hydraulic brake diagram
    Drive motor brake, mounting/removal
    Setting the brake clearance
    Setting the handbrake
    Setting the brake pedal
    Braking distances
    Main brake cylinder
    Bleeding/filling the brake system

E Lifting device
    Adjusting the angle lever

M Electrical system
    Circuit board A1 with adapter card A8
    Fuses for A1 with A8
    Pulse control, general
    Thyristor power block
    Diode power block
    Testing the primary circuit, pulse control
    Current actual value sensor n35
    Drive sensor u25
    Drive pulse control / control circuit board u200
    Functional charactistics and setting
    Drive pulse control / adapter card A8
    Wiring diagram, circuit board A1 with adapter card A8
    Combination display Accumeter EL-AC5 (up to 6/93)
    Combination display Accumeter EL-AC5 (from 7/93)
    Combination display Curtis 803

N Hydraulic system
    Block diagram
    Hydraulic circuit plan
    Pump unit
    - General
    - Lifting function
    - Lowering function
    - 2/2 way valve
    - Replacing the carbon brushes
    - Removal
    - Removing the pump motor
    - Hydraulic pump, general
    - Removing the hydraulic pump
    - Dismantling the hydraulic pump
    - Adjusting the maximum pressure
    - Changing the oil
    Bleeding the system
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