Linde Order Picker Type 149 Explosion Protected: N20L Ex, N20LI Ex Operating Instructions (

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Order Picker Type 149 Explosion Protected.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
N20L Ex
N20LI Ex

Format: PDF, 67 Pages
Language: English


   Approved applications
   Technical note
   Pallet truck takeover
   Type plates 
   Technical data
   Technical description
   Temperature monitor  
   General view of truck
   Operating and display elements
   Multifunctional display
   Adjusting the contrast
   Adjusting the lighting
   Adjusting the date/time
   Composite instrument for gas warning system  
   Hour meter
   Battery discharge indicator
   Technical description 
   Gas warning system  
Beginning operation
   Safety rules
   Report of Thorough Examination
   Accident prevention check  
   Explosion protection check  
   Operation of industrial trucks in the plant area
   Handling fluids and lubricants
   Running-in instructions
   Maintenance work prior to initial start-up
   Daily inspections
   Daily checks and servicing before operation
   Check FORW/BACK and lift/lower controls
   Check electrical steering 
   Check braking
   Checking operation of the emergency isolator button  
   Check the horn  
   Check the battery charge  
   Charging the battery  
   Opening battery cover
   Disconnecting the battery connector  
   Connecting the battery connector  
   Recharging the battery with an external charger 
   Closing battery cover
   Check the battery condition, electrolyte level and specific gravity  
   Battery change  
   Battery change with a hoist  
   Approved use
   Starting up
   Directions of travel identification 
   Forward travel
   Reverse travel
   Reversing the direction of travel 
   Operating the emergency isolator button
   Starting on a slope 
   Steering direction in forward travel
   Braking, lifting, lowering, horn
   Regenerative brake 
   LBC brake
   Electro-hydraulic braking
   Raising the mast
   Lowering the mast
   Lifting the fork
   Lowering of the fork
   Operating the horn
   Before loading
   Transporting the load
   Depositing the load
   Before leaving the truck 
   Stand-by function of truck 
   Hoisting, blocking up, towing 
   Hoisting the truck with a crane
   Blocking up the pallet truck
   Transporting the truck
   Taking the truck out of operation
   Measures before taking the truckout of operation
   Putting the truck back into operation
   General information
   Inspection and maintenance after first 50 hours of operation
   Inspection and maintenance chart 
   Inspection and maintenance as required 
   Cleaning the truck
   Opening the motor compartment cover
   Checking the tightness of wheel fasteners
   Checking the wheels for damage and foreign objects
   Fixing and adjusting the stabiliser wheel
   Checking the fuses
   Removing the platform surface covering 
   Cleaning the dead man’s zone on the platform
   Checking the condition of battery connector, terminals and cables 
   Servicing/cleaning the battery and battery compartment
   Checking the battery tray
   Inspecting the gas warning system measuring head  
   Inspecting and calibrating the gas warning system (by an expert)  
   Cleaning the gas warning system measuring head  
   Checking the pump motor brushes,  replacing the motor if necessary  
   Adjust the lift chain length, lubricate the lift chain with chain spray
500-hour inspection and maintenance
   Greasing the turntable bearing of the motor unit 
   Cleaning of steering ring and pinions
   Checking reduction gear oil level 
   Checking hydraulic oil level 
   Checking tightness of hydrauliccircuit 
   Checking condition and fixing of electrical cables and connections  
   Cleaning and checking wear of contacts  
   Checking and, if necessary, replacing traction motor brushes  
   Checking and, if necessary replacing the steering motor brushes  
   Check the brushes of the lifting hydraulics
   pump motor and replace, if necessary  
   Check the brushes of the initial lift pump motor and replace, if necessary 
   Adjusting the electro-hydraulic brake
   Adjust the lift chain length, lubricate the lift chain with chain spray
   Checking the various hinges
   Checking/adjusting the battery cover catch
1000-hour inspection and maintenance
   Cleaning the non-return valve hydraulic oil filter
   Checking mechanical fixing of the components 
2000-hour inspection and maintenance
   Replacing the hydraulic oil 
   Replacing the reduction gear oil
   Inspection and maintenance specifications
   Lubricant recommendations
   Hydraulic oil
   Bio hydraulic oil
   Gear oil
   Lubricating grease
   Battery grease
   Troubleshooting guide
   Electric circuit diagram
   Hydraulic circuit diagram N 20 L
   Hydraulic circuit diagram N 20 LI
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