MTH 233 Week 1 DQs

MTH 233 All Weeks DQs :

MTH 233 Week 1 DQ 1
1.     From chapter 1 of your text, the statistical significance of a study can differ from its practical significance.  Think of a situation at home, at work, or in a class where statistical significance differed from its practical significance.
Here’s an example:
Students in my high school statistics class can retake one exam per semester.  On this retake, the highest score given is 75%.
A student scores a 70% on a test and believes they can score the maximum of 75% on a retake.
If they retake the test, their grade will go up significantly (statistically), but they may want to wait and use their one retake on a different exam (practical).
MTH 233 Week 1 DQ 2
2.      What is the importance of statistics in your work or schooling? How do you use statistics? How are you a statistic?
MTH 233 Week 1 DQ 3
3. Find a graph of data on a federal government website—such as—and provide the graph or the link to the graph. Interpret the graph in regards to center, distribution, and outliers.
 Provide an example of a survey or a poll, such as the Student End-of-Course Survey. Do you believe this survey is biased? Why or why not?
MTH 233 Week 1 DQ 4
4. Find of an example of a histogram and provide a link to the graph. Give your interpretation of the visual. Do you find this histogram is misleading? Why or why not?
Imagine you are a supervisor in charge of projects. Your boss has asked you to present data on man-hours throughout the course of several projects. Using the concepts in this week’s readings, how would you present this data? Explain.
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